Friday, July 12, 2013


I caved and finally got an instagram going seeing as I now have a fully functioning phone. You can check me out here:



It's been a rather eventful few weeks. We had a storm here in Wellington, ended up losing power for nearly a week due to sparking wires out the front of our house, then in the middle of the blackout we gone got burgled! It really wasn't a pleasant experience, especially for a pregnant women needing to nest. I lost a lot of my tools for working hence a bit of a slow down in activity on this here blog. BUT we are OK now and safe and there has been a great silver lining to this drama. I won't go into that just yet....lets just say I'm forever humbled by life's twists and turns!

I'm now coming to the end of 28 weeks pregnant in the third trimester. Have been loving dressing my bump. Hope to do a bit of a photo shoot to show you.



  1. Good luck on the upcoming birth!! Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  2. cute photos, love the little baby bump one!

    lacee swan

  3. Cool pics!
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    A chic kiss ;)