WILDFLOWER  is a fashion label designed by Kate Alice Williams which focuses on unique statement pieces made from predominantly sustainable and recycled materials.

The WILDFLOWER brand has a strong design aesthetic , transcending trends and seasons,  made as one offs or in small exclusive runs. 

Kate’s design influences range from film character styling, music, tribal cultures to historical dress. These influences are then combined in a way that pays attention to the form and function of clothing. 

WILDFLOWER’s styles are very versatile in the modern day wardrobe seeking to combine a timelessness with authenticity. 

An avid vintage collector and second hand shopper Kate is always looking for those unique pieces that tell a story and feel special to wear. “Thats the feeling I want from my designs, to create those authentic special pieces that truly describe what style is. This is what the WILDFLOWER aesthetic is based on”.

Kate launched her label WILDFLOWER in 2008 and began showing her work on stage, in film, editorial photography and sold a recycled vintage fabric range in markets and stores with great success. The journey of WILDFLOWER was also chronicled on her blog of the same name.

Since her move to rural New Zealand in 2013 and after the birth of her daughter, Kate has made the conscious decision to make her business a sustainable one. In 2015 Kate won the Peoples Choice Award and runner up at the Oversew Fashion Awards, a prominent recycled fashion competition.

WILDFLOWER’s aim is to showcase fashion in new and interesting ways and to convey a sense of form and movement to a global audience in the current climate of online shopping.